Billings Landscaping, LLC offers some exciting careers for people here in Billings Montana! Whether you already live here or are willing to relocate, we have work opportunities and tools you need to succeed.

landscaping jobs
Typical job site scene getting ready for sod.

Have you considered a career in Landscaping?

Landscaping is a thriving seasonal business in Billings Montana. We are seeking to hire competent, motivated individuals who are willing to work hard and receive due reward for those efforts. At Billings Landscaping, our #1 priority is our customers. This means good things for our employees because we ask a lot from them and as a result the recieve a lot from us. Better pay, benefits, professional training and certification are just a few of the rewards that can come when you are willing and able to put in the effort to win!

The following job postings are available as of 3/20/18 and will continue into June 2018

  1. Professional Landscape Foreman
  2. Landscape Estimator and Designer
  3. Landscape Installer
  4. Landscape Horticulturist or Plant Expert
  5. Landscape Laborer

Job Description for Professional Landscape Foreman

A pro landscape foreman has already proven themselves by managing complete landscape installation projects themselves. They understand the importance of leading by example, and know how to manage laborers to keep them productive on the job. Most landscape foreman have experience using and maintaining equipment but foreman are still allowed to have their strengths and weaknesses. This key to know before applying for this position is to be certain that you have already walked the walk. For such an individual, we offer the best pay available. For you, it means a high hourly rate and bonuses for exceeding expectations on a project. It can also mean being demoted to laborer if you under perform, but all skilled landscapers that are reliable and professional have a place at Billings Landscaping.

Job Description for Landscape Estimator and Designer

Billings Landscaping receives a steady flow of phone calls from customers who need landscaping services. We are seeking to employ an individual who has experience or education related to design and estimating. This individual will have a unique set of skill so please do not apply if you do not qualify. A qualified individual will have some experience with building plans, preferably site plans. They will be tasked to visit customers, measure job sites, create site plans, fly drones for aerial photos (optional), sketch designs using photoshop or autocad, and type up estimates. You will be working directly with experienced landscapers to help you learn the business so being a “landscaper” isn’t required per say, but if you don’t know landscaping then you will start at a lower pay. You can always learn the business.

Job Description for Landscape Installer

Landscape installers are the core power of Billings Landscaping. They are the individuals who give the hard work done. If you like to work hard outside and enjoy learning the specifics required to become a master landscaper, then this is the career path for you. Experienced installer are often promoted to foreman. Installers will be tasked with setting edging, building retaining walls, laying landscape fabric, laying sod, building patios, and much more. Check out our careers page to learn more about the skills we are looking for in a landscape installer.

Job Description for Landscape Horticulturist or Plant Expert

Landscape Horticulturists have an educational tract in horticulture. Their primary job is know plants and how to plant them. This can be a very fun and rewarding job, but be prepared to work hard and fast! You will be tasked to know the trade names for the plants, their ideal exposures, their sizes and growth rates, and much more. Our planting experts are responsible for the area around any plant, tree, or shrub. This means you are responsible for running the drip irrigation lines to the plants (using the proper emitter) and for making sure the gravel or mulch is placed up around the plant while leaving room for the plant to grow without restriction.

Job Description for Landscape Laborer

Landscape laborers assist installers and foreman in getting the grunt work done. They clear sprinkler trenches, help roll out pipe, and settle trenches. Laborers continuously rake, shovel, and pack dirt; move boulders, block, and pavers; remove old landscape materials, load dump trailers, shovel gravel, and more. Laborers can make anywhere from $10-$15/hour depending on their skills. To learn more about the skills your will learn, check out our Employment Page. When a laborer is able to perform all of these tasks on his or her own, they are promoted to Landscape Installer. If they show leadership skills and prove themselves able to run projects on their own, then they are quickly promoted to landscape foreman where they will first manage smaller projects and grow into managing larger operations.