Professional Landscape Installation

Billings Landscaping is a strong proponent for professional landscape installation. We are dedicated to standards of excellence and quality to this end. The information herein is intended to help consumers understand what elements to look forward to in a professional landscape installation. This information will help you ask the right questions before either choosing a landscaper or making plans to do it yourself.

Billings Landscaping: Professional Landscape Installation

professional landscape installation

A professional landscape installation will both simplify your life and save you money! You are paying good, hard earned money to landscape your home or office. Whether doing it yourself or hiring a professional, you want to be certain that your landscape is professionally installed. Typically, professionally installed landscapes are easy and inexpensive to maintain; long lasting; and beautiful. The benefits to you the consumer are both short term and long term. The short term benefit is the joy of having a landscape that you appreciate and enjoy! And you have the peace of mind knowing that you made a sound investment. The long term benefit is the value added to your property for as your landscape matures, it grows in value. On the flip side, if your landscape is not installed using professional methods and materials, then you could find yourself not only unexcited about your landscape but even worse, you may end up fighting to keep the landscape maintained. As the maintenance expenses keep adding up, neglect becomes a temptation and eventually a landscape renovation will be required in order to do it right and make it last.

Elements of a Professional Landscape Installation

Professional landscape installations have some very definitive differences that set them apart. Follow some of these points to ensure that you are getting a professionally installed landscape.

  • Professional landscape installations use high quality landscape materials

What are high quality landscape materials and are they expensive? Generally speaking, the difference in cost between cheep landscape materials that don’t last and high quality materials that do is less the 20-30%. If you utilize the services of a professional landscape company, then this margin is often even lower. The reason being that professional landscapers have wholesale accounts with supply companies that specialize in providing quality landscape materials. In addition, many landscapers buy their materials in bulk which results in direct savings to the customer. Landscape fabric comes in varying quality just like the siding on your house. You need a fabric that is strong enough to stop roots and endure the elements for 50+ years to come. Fabrics with a 50 year rating should be standard in professional landscapes. Plastic Edging that breaks down under UV exposure and looks crappy should never exist in a professional landscape. Even the professional grade plastic edging has a shorter than preferred lifespan and if installed incorrectly, that lifespan can be cut in half again. Using a clean landscape rock or mulch is also very important. It only takes a thin layer of sediment to form weeds on top of your landscape fabric. Even professional landscape installs will have occasional weeds show up in beds, however, a good landscape fabric will stop the root quickly so they are easy to remove.

  • A Professionally installed landscape is done right. This means attention to details.

A good plan combined with experience creates a consistent, good result. Every trade has its tricks. Not every company aspires to standards of excellence. Professional landscape installations are the culmination of years of practice at making things better. A few tips to take home with you are outlines in our page titled Low Maintenance Landscaping where we discuss the many details regarding beds, edging, and landscape fabric; and our page called Planting 101 where we describe proper planting techniques and how to professionally plant perennial beds.

  • A professionally installed landscape is efficient and complete.

Professional means up to industry standards and beyond. What you want is to find a professional that is knowledgeable, passionate, and reasonable with you hard earned money. This means modern technology with water savings sprinkler systems and resource conscious designs. It means fast results. And it means consistency. And it means taking the time to do the job right.

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  1. Looking to install raised berm in back yard for low maintenance landscape with accented large boulders/ rocks.
    Would like to schedule estimate.

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