Lawn Service

lawn maintenance
Billings Landscaping takes pride in your lawn. Our commercial mowers provide the best cut. It is a simple service with high tech machines that are fun to operate and require skill. Our services include mowing, trimming, edging, blower, leaf removal, pruning, cleanup, dethatching, and aeration.

Our basic service is to mow, edge, trim, power sweep and/or removing grass from hardscapes. We hire quality people who are multi-talented and experience with many facets of landscaping.

About our lawn services

We offer professional lawn care services at a great price for both residential and commercial properties. We run top of the line mowers and trimmer. Our prices are reasonable and we offer neighborhood discounts, senior citizen discounts, and discounts to all veterans and fire fighters.

Residential lawn services

Residential lawn services include mowing, trimming, edging, pruning, weeding, planting, cleanup, sprinklers, and more.
Our expertise extends well beyond basic landscape maintenance and lawn services. We believe that this ability sets us apart.

Lawn services that we recommend include:

  • Lawn mowing and trimming.
  • Fall cleanup.
  • Tree trimming.
  • Bedding: Mulch and gravel.
  • Lawn Power raking or Dethatching.
  • Spring cleanup.
  • Irrigation maintenance, winterization, and startups.

There are many benefits to hiring a full service landscape company to meet your landscape maintenance needs. We understand the importance of flagging sprinkler heads and checking line depth before aerating a lawn where a company that is unfamiliar with sprinklers might puncture holes everywhere and leave the aftermath for the customer. In many cases, we can provide additional services during a regular scheduled visit which saves you money.

Commercial landscape maintenance services

We offer a wide range of professional landscape services for commercial properties. We cover the necessary insurance to meet the requirements or can quickly make the changes needed to meet special requirements. Commercial property management companies are single point of contact for their customers. Billings Landscape is a single point of contact for all of your landscaping needs.

Lawn care discounts and specials

Billings Landscaping offers discounts to military veterans. We also offer a discount for bringing in neighbors that improve the service density for an area.

At Billings Landscaping, we can do everything landscaping related so you don’t have to. Our schedule can book up fast so please call today for an appointment!